Monday, January 14, 2019

How does Acne disturb the skin

Acne is a very painful thing for anyone. It can cause by the sweets in your body and the dirt. It is a disease which is mainly seen on the skin of the teenagers. And this acne is a very dangerous thing for all of us because it causes the fear of going out in a very beautiful occassion. And it can cause a very serious skin disease if you ignore it for a long time. There are so many bad impacts on skin because of acne. But all of it had some solution and you can get rid of acne very easily if you lead a healthy life.

The impact of acne on skin:

Acne is very common for the oily skin and it is a lifelong problem for so many people. Mostly oily skin these problems and young generation faces this problem very much. Acne puts really bad impacts on the skin sometimes.
  • It leaves the black mark on skin even after getting removed.
  • It causes inflammation sometimes.
  • It damages the skin and makes the skin more sensitive.
  • Acne looks really bad on the face specially.
  • It opens the pores of skin in a great extent.
  • So these are the main problems regarding acne on the skin.

The ways to remove it:

There are so many ways to remove acne and if you want to avoid it you need to lead a healthy life and also take care of your skin properly. There are ways to avoid it:
  • You need to wash your skin frequently to avoid your skin to be oily.
  • You need to eat fruits and vegetables as much as you can.
  • You need to choose your cream and beauty products carefully.
  • You need to take care that your sebum doesn't play adverse role on your skin.
  • You should increase your water intake to rejuvenate and hydrate your body.
  • These are the ways by which you can control the acnes to take over your life.


How does Acne disturb the skin ?Acne is a very big problem because it leaves the scar and mark even after leaving. And skin gets really effected by this. So you need to take care of the skin and keep it oil free and hydrated so that the acne cannot leave diverse effect on this. And your skin remains glory and shinny. Also the acnes are very frequent for sensitive skins. So you need to be careful about the cosmetic products you use.

Thursday, February 12, 2015

How to avoid nail fungal infection

Nail care is a very important aspect. As we take care of our skin, in the same way we should have proper knowledge about the nail and its care.

Finger nails and toenails are prone to infection, says Dr Navin Taneja.
We should take proper care of our nails so as to keep them healthy. 

For proper care one should avoid wearing tight shoes which can traumatize the nail. Wear broad tipped shoes so as the pressure over the nail is not there and we can avoid in growing of the toe nail and. wear cotton socks as far as possible, change the socks regularly as we have long working hours in office. So that the skin can breathe in and possibility of infection is less.
One should avoid prolonged wetting of the nails so as to avoid nail-fungal-infection.Always after prolonged wetting it’s always better to pat dry.

In our centre ‘The National Skin Centre’ we have the clients coming with different nail problems. We always guide them with the proper way of taking care of the nail.

Sometimes we see the patients do self medication and worsen the condition of their nails. So avoid self medication and avoid close cutting of the nail.

Kindly avoid manicure; pedicure and fish spa as it can transfer viral infection says Dr Navin Taneja, Director of ‘The National Skin Centre’.

If one wants to go for Manicure and pedicure should always use their own sets.

For healthy nail, take proper care of it. If some problem happens always better to see a dermatologist or skin specialist.

How to get rid of acne naturally

We really don’t really know what to apply and not to apply on face in we are suffering from acne. There are various ways with which we can get rid of acne naturally. We should avoid creams, moisturizers, serums, hair spas and products which can clog the pores Says Dr Navin Taneja, Director of “The National Skin Centre”. For Acne prone skin, use oil free sun block, which should be fluid based rather than greasy on face and all over your body. 

Make habit of washing your face at least three to four times a day. Sometimes we use glowing cream or deep pigmentary on its own without even knowing our skin type. Sometimes we use those products which may or may not suit us. In India we even get a steroid creams without prescription, so is better to show your skin to a specialist dermatologist prior and choose your product accordingly as per your skin type. Sometimes in my office we get patients with oil induced acne.

The face of all of them is filled with the comedones (black heads) because they were using comedogenic products which clog the oil gland pores.

 As per Acne-treatment-specialist-in-delhi always advise our patients to avoid foundations as they clog the oil glands. It’s better to use medical concellors which are sweat proof and are non comedogenic in nature.

The steroid tubes are misused which initially suppress your sign and symptoms but later on make the skin more sensitive, thin, full of acne’s known as steroid induced acne and facial hair growth also. So it’s very important not to use steroid creams on your own to your face.
Choose your face wash and daily routine products as per your skin type with proper consultation with the skin specialist.

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

How to remove tattoo without scarring

Tattoo removal is an medical art by the lasers . It is easy to make a tattoo but to remove it is not a simple task. It is removed with the help of lasers nowadays. Whether the tattoo is to be removed or not is just a client wish. Most of the clients/patient wants to get tattoo removed in urgency only for their jobs. Tattoos are not allowed in arm forces, police, aviation, navy, merchant navy, air forces and so many more jobs where tattoos are not allowed. The patients always wish to get their tattoo removed on urgent basis.

The tattoo is removed by different varieties of lasers in the clinic of TheNationalSkinCentre under Dr.Navin Taneja . Generally the laser which is used for green and black tattoos is Nd YAG Q switch laser. It spears the epidermis, just targets the pigments which is busted up and gets metabolized and gets taken away by macrophages.

It is a slow process. You get only 10% results in first session and session is repeated every month or after 45 days. It requires about 9 months to 18 months to get a desirable results. The laser is not effective on colored tattoo and leads no scarring but in some patients mild hypo pigmentation remains. If you want a tattoo-removal-without-scarring then plan it 1 year to 1 and a half year prior to your targeted date for whatever purpose you wish to remove it.

The other type of laser is ND YAG cutting laser or co2 cutting laser in which tattoo is removed at a go and epidermis is also removed along with the tattoo and portion of the dermis where tattoo is implanted. It always heals with the secondary intension scarring which means it leads to scar formation. It is done on those patients where urgency is there. Later on scar can be revised with the fractional erbium glass laser or fractional co2 laser after few months of the healing.

The healing takes one to two months. Even in this case also plan your tattoo one to two months prior to the targeted date.

It is effective in green, black and coloured tattoos. For coloured tattoos generally the laser used is pulse dye laser. Multiple sessions are required at a gap of one month. At least 8 to 12 sessions are required. In case of tattoo which is mixed with green black and different colours like red, yellow, blue we need to combine Nd Yag    q switch laser and pulse dye laser both together to get the desirable results. In these lasers there is no scarring but in few cases mild hypo pigmentation remains.

So before getting a tattoo removal done it is very important to show it to your dermatologist so that he can check its pigment and depth and guide you with the laser required for that.
Older the tattoo or lighter the tattoo….deeper it is. It takes more sessions and time to get removed.

Reason for acne occurrence on face

There are many reasons for acne re occurrence on face. The most important reason as been seen by Dr Navin Taneja is not proper compliance of the products, in adequate washing of the face, applying wrong products on the face and hormonal changes seen in the females.

In our centre ‘The National skin centre’ we have seen that the patient takes treatment seriously for initial few months and once the acne-treatment is done by the best-acne-specialist , they even don’t follow up the instructions given by the doctor.

Acne can come at any age and generally starts at the age of the puberty and can linger till the age of 45 to 50, so we need treat the skin as per the recommendations of the best skin specialist doctor.

Acne treatment works well, if it is followed properly and we have a complete acne free skin only by simply following the prescription of face washes and topical medications given by the doctor, as told by Dr Navin Taneja, the director of ‘The National Skin Centre’. In India we get a lot of reoccurrence because of self medications by the patients like application of the topical steroid creams given by the local pharmacies which initially suppress the acne but later comes back in revenge. So our advice is don’t self medicate and if reoccurrence happens kindly show to the best skin specialist.

Tuesday, February 10, 2015


Unwanted hair in case of females is generally known as Hirsutism. It can be because of the hormonal changes, PCOD, Or Idiopathic or it is genetically determined.

Before getting a laser-hair-reduction-for-Hirsutism visit endocrinologist/ dermatologist. The laser hair removal is not permanent laser hair removal but it is laser hair reduction only.

The laser hair reduction depends upon the type of your skin, colour of your skin and coarseness of the hair. Desire of every individual is different so is the laser.

Treatment of laser requires a specific laser for a specific skin and hair type. The dose, the spot size and energy given will be determined by the dermatologist only. It is a multiple session programme only and you get a reduction in each and every session if your hormonal essay is normal and you don’t have endocrinologic problem.

Generally 5-10 sessions are required depending upon the growth and type of result which varies from person to person.

The laser has an affinity for the black/brown skin pigment and ablates the hair follicle. Before laser we have to shave and cut the hair follicle so all the energy is absorbed by the hair root and it is laser epilated. Further sessions will be given on the basis of the further growth generally after one month or 45 days.

Other common uses of laser-hair-reduction are to reduce normal hair growth in both males and females.

In males the indications are: - chest, back, upper face, beard shaping, legs, arms, under arms and pubic area etc and sometimes males prefer full body laser hair reduction.

In females the indications are: -full Face, legs, arms, abdomen, bikini lines, bikini area, sometimes females go for full body hair reduction.

In normal hair reduction 5 to 10 sessions are required and generally black coarse hair responds better to black.

Different lasers are available on the basis of the skin type. Lasers generally preferred are Nd YAG laser, Diode laser, alexandrite laser and IPL. 

Sunday, January 25, 2015

How long does it take to treat acne

The acne treatment generally depends upon the cause of the acne; type of acne, age group, the life style you follow and the most important thing is your job profile. Sometimes the cause can be hormonal imbalance or hormonal changes... Hormonal changes in females are generally known as Pcod. If one is facing the problem of Pcod then he can take an opinion of an endocrinologist, and for acne one can take the treatment from skin specialist or the dermatologist, he will help you out with the kind of acne you have and according the treatment would be planned according to that only.. There are various forms of acne and a treatment generally depends upon that only. Your doctor will find out the exact grading of acne and will let you know the exact treatment of your acne and duration of the treatment.

1.    Common acne vulgaris: - acne vulgaris is a very common form of acne which can be corrected with simple oral and topical ointments and following an acne management procedure. In acne vulgaris one has to follow the basic rules

No creams
No moisturizers
No oils
Drink plenty of water

Your dermatologist will help you out with the proper face washes and helps you out how you will help your skin to remain acne free. If acne vulgaris is not corrected on time it can lead to cystic acne and sometimes can leaves marks, pits over the skin. So it’s better to start the treatment under the guidance of your skin specialist.

2.    Cystic acne: - cystic acne can be corrected with the oral and topical medications. The duration of the treatment generally remains for 6 months and you get relief from acne for 2 to 3 years. One can repeat the course again after 3 years or so depending.

3.    Oil induced acne:- oil induced acne are also very common form of acne, they generally occur when the oil glands get closed due to the comedones. Using thick creams, hair styling gels, hair spas will increase the acne.

4.    Drug induced acne: - drug induced acne are generally very common among the patients who take oral steroids, anti tuberculosis therapy, oral anti cancer drugs.

5.    Steroid induced acne:- topical steroids are to be avoided in such acnes. Topical steroids generally give us a temporary relief but when we stop them the acne reoccurs back. Topical steroids are nowadays misused a lot. So avoid them.

6.    Pre pubertal and pubertal acne: - these acne problems are faced by both boys and girls who are about to attain puberty and one who have attained puberty. Small acne form eruptions starts coming over the fore head and cheeks. For this matter it the duty of the parents to help their child to following basic things with which they will have acne free skin. Parents should teach their child to wash their face at least 3 to four times a day. You should teach them to stay away from oil, creams hair spas, moisturizer, and thick creams.

7.    Adult cystic acne:-Sometimes the adults can face the acne problem. Generally after the age of 35 to 40 onwards a female starts facing the problem of acne due to the hormonal imbalance and hormonal changes. Males also face acne problem when their pores gets clogged. It can be corrected with the oral and topical medication.

8.    Acne over back:- acne can also occur over the back and sometimes over the shoulders. It should be corrected on times before they leave marks over the back. So washing and taking oral and topical medication recommended by doctor can help you out.