Thursday, February 12, 2015

How to avoid nail fungal infection

Nail care is a very important aspect. As we take care of our skin, in the same way we should have proper knowledge about the nail and its care.

Finger nails and toenails are prone to infection, says Dr Navin Taneja.
We should take proper care of our nails so as to keep them healthy. 

For proper care one should avoid wearing tight shoes which can traumatize the nail. Wear broad tipped shoes so as the pressure over the nail is not there and we can avoid in growing of the toe nail and. wear cotton socks as far as possible, change the socks regularly as we have long working hours in office. So that the skin can breathe in and possibility of infection is less.
One should avoid prolonged wetting of the nails so as to avoid nail-fungal-infection.Always after prolonged wetting it’s always better to pat dry.

In our centre ‘The National Skin Centre’ we have the clients coming with different nail problems. We always guide them with the proper way of taking care of the nail.

Sometimes we see the patients do self medication and worsen the condition of their nails. So avoid self medication and avoid close cutting of the nail.

Kindly avoid manicure; pedicure and fish spa as it can transfer viral infection says Dr Navin Taneja, Director of ‘The National Skin Centre’.

If one wants to go for Manicure and pedicure should always use their own sets.

For healthy nail, take proper care of it. If some problem happens always better to see a dermatologist or skin specialist.