Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Reason for acne occurrence on face

There are many reasons for acne re occurrence on face. The most important reason as been seen by Dr Navin Taneja is not proper compliance of the products, in adequate washing of the face, applying wrong products on the face and hormonal changes seen in the females.

In our centre ‘The National skin centre’ we have seen that the patient takes treatment seriously for initial few months and once the acne-treatment is done by the best-acne-specialist , they even don’t follow up the instructions given by the doctor.

Acne can come at any age and generally starts at the age of the puberty and can linger till the age of 45 to 50, so we need treat the skin as per the recommendations of the best skin specialist doctor.

Acne treatment works well, if it is followed properly and we have a complete acne free skin only by simply following the prescription of face washes and topical medications given by the doctor, as told by Dr Navin Taneja, the director of ‘The National Skin Centre’. In India we get a lot of reoccurrence because of self medications by the patients like application of the topical steroid creams given by the local pharmacies which initially suppress the acne but later comes back in revenge. So our advice is don’t self medicate and if reoccurrence happens kindly show to the best skin specialist.