Thursday, February 12, 2015

How to get rid of acne naturally

We really don’t really know what to apply and not to apply on face in we are suffering from acne. There are various ways with which we can get rid of acne naturally. We should avoid creams, moisturizers, serums, hair spas and products which can clog the pores Says Dr Navin Taneja, Director of “The National Skin Centre”. For Acne prone skin, use oil free sun block, which should be fluid based rather than greasy on face and all over your body. 

Make habit of washing your face at least three to four times a day. Sometimes we use glowing cream or deep pigmentary on its own without even knowing our skin type. Sometimes we use those products which may or may not suit us. In India we even get a steroid creams without prescription, so is better to show your skin to a specialist dermatologist prior and choose your product accordingly as per your skin type. Sometimes in my office we get patients with oil induced acne.

The face of all of them is filled with the comedones (black heads) because they were using comedogenic products which clog the oil gland pores.

 As per Acne-treatment-specialist-in-delhi always advise our patients to avoid foundations as they clog the oil glands. It’s better to use medical concellors which are sweat proof and are non comedogenic in nature.

The steroid tubes are misused which initially suppress your sign and symptoms but later on make the skin more sensitive, thin, full of acne’s known as steroid induced acne and facial hair growth also. So it’s very important not to use steroid creams on your own to your face.
Choose your face wash and daily routine products as per your skin type with proper consultation with the skin specialist.