Wednesday, February 11, 2015

How to remove tattoo without scarring

Tattoo removal is an medical art by the lasers . It is easy to make a tattoo but to remove it is not a simple task. It is removed with the help of lasers nowadays. Whether the tattoo is to be removed or not is just a client wish. Most of the clients/patient wants to get tattoo removed in urgency only for their jobs. Tattoos are not allowed in arm forces, police, aviation, navy, merchant navy, air forces and so many more jobs where tattoos are not allowed. The patients always wish to get their tattoo removed on urgent basis.

The tattoo is removed by different varieties of lasers in the clinic of TheNationalSkinCentre under Dr.Navin Taneja . Generally the laser which is used for green and black tattoos is Nd YAG Q switch laser. It spears the epidermis, just targets the pigments which is busted up and gets metabolized and gets taken away by macrophages.

It is a slow process. You get only 10% results in first session and session is repeated every month or after 45 days. It requires about 9 months to 18 months to get a desirable results. The laser is not effective on colored tattoo and leads no scarring but in some patients mild hypo pigmentation remains. If you want a tattoo-removal-without-scarring then plan it 1 year to 1 and a half year prior to your targeted date for whatever purpose you wish to remove it.

The other type of laser is ND YAG cutting laser or co2 cutting laser in which tattoo is removed at a go and epidermis is also removed along with the tattoo and portion of the dermis where tattoo is implanted. It always heals with the secondary intension scarring which means it leads to scar formation. It is done on those patients where urgency is there. Later on scar can be revised with the fractional erbium glass laser or fractional co2 laser after few months of the healing.

The healing takes one to two months. Even in this case also plan your tattoo one to two months prior to the targeted date.

It is effective in green, black and coloured tattoos. For coloured tattoos generally the laser used is pulse dye laser. Multiple sessions are required at a gap of one month. At least 8 to 12 sessions are required. In case of tattoo which is mixed with green black and different colours like red, yellow, blue we need to combine Nd Yag    q switch laser and pulse dye laser both together to get the desirable results. In these lasers there is no scarring but in few cases mild hypo pigmentation remains.

So before getting a tattoo removal done it is very important to show it to your dermatologist so that he can check its pigment and depth and guide you with the laser required for that.
Older the tattoo or lighter the tattoo….deeper it is. It takes more sessions and time to get removed.