Tuesday, February 10, 2015


Unwanted hair in case of females is generally known as Hirsutism. It can be because of the hormonal changes, PCOD, Or Idiopathic or it is genetically determined.

Before getting a laser-hair-reduction-for-Hirsutism visit endocrinologist/ dermatologist. The laser hair removal is not permanent laser hair removal but it is laser hair reduction only.

The laser hair reduction depends upon the type of your skin, colour of your skin and coarseness of the hair. Desire of every individual is different so is the laser.

Treatment of laser requires a specific laser for a specific skin and hair type. The dose, the spot size and energy given will be determined by the dermatologist only. It is a multiple session programme only and you get a reduction in each and every session if your hormonal essay is normal and you don’t have endocrinologic problem.

Generally 5-10 sessions are required depending upon the growth and type of result which varies from person to person.

The laser has an affinity for the black/brown skin pigment and ablates the hair follicle. Before laser we have to shave and cut the hair follicle so all the energy is absorbed by the hair root and it is laser epilated. Further sessions will be given on the basis of the further growth generally after one month or 45 days.

Other common uses of laser-hair-reduction are to reduce normal hair growth in both males and females.

In males the indications are: - chest, back, upper face, beard shaping, legs, arms, under arms and pubic area etc and sometimes males prefer full body laser hair reduction.

In females the indications are: -full Face, legs, arms, abdomen, bikini lines, bikini area, sometimes females go for full body hair reduction.

In normal hair reduction 5 to 10 sessions are required and generally black coarse hair responds better to black.

Different lasers are available on the basis of the skin type. Lasers generally preferred are Nd YAG laser, Diode laser, alexandrite laser and IPL.