Sunday, January 25, 2015

How long the acne treatment is required

The acne treatment generally depends upon the cause of the acne; type of acne, age group, the life style you follow and the most important thing is your job profile. Sometimes the cause can be hormonal imbalance or hormonal changes... Hormonal changes in females are generally known as Pcod. If one is facing the problem of Pcod then he can take an opinion of an endocrinologist, and for acne one can take the treatment from skin specialist or the dermatologist, he will help you out with the kind of acne you have and according the treatment would be planned according to that only.. There are various forms of acne and a treatment generally depends upon that only. Your doctor will find out the exact grading of acne and will let you know the exact treatment of your acne and duration of the treatment.

1.    Common acne vulgaris: - acne vulgaris is a very common form of acne which can be corrected with simple oral and topical ointments and following an acne management procedure. In acne vulgaris one has to follow the basic rules

No creams
No moisturizers
No oils
Drink plenty of water

Your dermatologist will help you out with the proper face washes and helps you out how you will help your skin to remain acne free. If acne vulgaris is not corrected on time it can lead to cystic acne and sometimes can leaves marks, pits over the skin. So it’s better to start the treatment under the guidance of your skin specialist.

2.    Cystic acne: - cystic acne can be corrected with the oral and topical medications. The duration of the treatment generally remains for 6 months and you get relief from acne for 2 to 3 years. One can repeat the course again after 3 years or so depending.

3.    Oil induced acne:- oil induced acne are also very common form of acne, they generally occur when the oil glands get closed due to the comedones. Using thick creams, hair styling gels, hair spas will increase the acne.

4.    Drug induced acne: - drug induced acne are generally very common among the patients who take oral steroids, anti tuberculosis therapy, oral anti cancer drugs.

5.    Steroid induced acne:- topical steroids are to be avoided in such acnes. Topical steroids generally give us a temporary relief but when we stop them the acne reoccurs back. Topical steroids are nowadays misused a lot. So avoid them.

6.    Pre pubertal and pubertal acne: - these acne problems are faced by both boys and girls who are about to attain puberty and one who have attained puberty. Small acne form eruptions starts coming over the fore head and cheeks. For this matter it the duty of the parents to help their child to following basic things with which they will have acne free skin. Parents should teach their child to wash their face at least 3 to four times a day. You should teach them to stay away from oil, creams hair spas, moisturizer, and thick creams.

7.    Adult cystic acne:-Sometimes the adults can face the acne problem. Generally after the age of 35 to 40 onwards a female starts facing the problem of acne due to the hormonal imbalance and hormonal changes. Males also face acne problem when their pores gets clogged. It can be corrected with the oral and topical medication.

8.    Acne over back:- acne can also occur over the back and sometimes over the shoulders. It should be corrected on times before they leave marks over the back. So washing and taking oral and topical medication recommended by doctor can help you out.