Sunday, January 25, 2015

Cost of acne treatment

Cost of acnetreatment totally depends upon the kind of scarring or pitted you have and the most important thing is the laser modality to be used. One should first consult an experienced dermatologist who will help you identify the kind or grade of acne you have. If you have simple acne vulgaris then in that case your doctor will suggest you some face washes, topical ointments and will help you out how to keep your skin acne free. So costing for this would be only the consultation of your dermatologist. If one is having acne scarring, acne pitting and acne mark, for that matter lasers are to be considered. Laser to be used will be decided by your dermatologist after seeing the area to be involved. Multiple sessions of lasers are required to get the desired results. Costing for acne treatment starts from Rs 5000/- and goes up to Rs 25000/-

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