Thursday, January 15, 2015

Benefits and risks of laser tattoo removal

Making tattoo on the body is a trend but with the changing life styles and fashion one wants to remove that tattoo for one reason or the other depending upon person to person and his or her need.

If one opts for q switch lasers then

It is a painless procedure
No scarring
Minimal epidermal demage


Multiple sessions are required like 10 to 20 sessions at a gap of one month.
 It’s a lengthy procedure
More time consuming.
Cutting tattoo removal lasers


Only single session is required
Can remove any kind of coloured pigment in one session.
Very beneficial for those who are preparing for medicals in army, air forces, jobs or some other reason
Time saving and effective procedure.

The tattoo removal skin heals with a scar
Dressings are required
We need to take precaution for couple of weeks; we have to treat it like a wound.

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