Wednesday, January 21, 2015

The latest Treatment for Keloid is Interalesional Cryo with liquid nitrogen

Keloids are treatable; the latest Treatment for Keloid is Interalesional Cryo with liquid nitrogen. Keloids are difficult to treat but we get significantly good results with Cryo. Generally 3 sessions are needed at the interval of 3 weeks, depending upon the case, it is better you should consult an experienced dermatologist and let the doctor decide what kind of treatment is required for your kind of scar and how old it is.

What is the proper way to avoid hypertrophic scar and Keloid formation??

If your scar is new then its better avoid sun exposure. Apply good amount of sun block liberally. Sun block should be repeated every three hourly so that the tissue regeneration is not affected. If you don’t protect your skin then you can feel the colour changes in appearance of the skin.
Avoid tight clothes as much as you can if they are rubbing your scarred skin. Scar tissue is more sensitive so it can get irritated

If your scar is near bones like elbow, shin and ankle then protect and be careful not to injure the scar tissue again 

Scarred skin needs more attention and care so never avoid them. Take proper care of the skin which is scared.

One can use camouflaging agents to cover the scars on face, neck by asking your dermatologist. Camouflaging agents or medical concellors are sweat proof and wash proof.

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