Thursday, January 15, 2015

is tattoo a painful procedure

Generally local anesthesia is to be given before the tattoo removal if one is opting for the cutting lasers. In case of multiple session programmes one can apply the numbing creams so as to be comfortable during the procedure. Nowadays non cutting lasers come with a cool tip attached to it which keeps on cooling the skin during the procedure, in some cases where cool tips are not attached, one can attach Zimmer’s or ice a painful procedure

The patient can apply numbing cream 2 hours prior to the procedure. Your dermatologist will recommend you the name of the best numbing cream and applications you have to apply before the tattoo removal.
One can opt for Nd YAG q switch laser if the colour of the tattoo is green or black and for coloured tattoos like red one can opt for the pulse dye lasers. 
There are no side effects of the local anesthesia given to the patient. It is a simple injection which is given at the place of tattoo. The only thing the patient has to do is have good food before the procedure. Never go empty stomach for such procedure.
So tattoo removal is now no more a painful procedure. Your dermatologist will first analyze your tattoo and then according to the depth of tattoo he will help you out with the things.

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