Saturday, January 17, 2015

Vitiligo in both males and females in equal ratio

Vitiligo is the most common skin condition where progressive loss of melanocytes happens in the skin. It is a normal skin disorder which can happen in both males and females in equal ratio. Generally there is no age limit for Vitiligo. It can start at any age and can cover any part of the skin depending upon the kind of Vitiligo you have.

There are different varieties of Vitiligo. It’s better to visit your dermatologist to know the kind of Vitiligo you are having and plan the treatment according.

Vitiligo is a genetically determined skin disorder. It can pass from one generation to another and sometimes it skips generations and comes.

If one is suffering from Vitiligo its better to avoid oral medications as far as possible

There are lots of surgeries available from spit thickness grafting, skin grafting and melanocytes transfer

Nowadays narrow UV bands are available to stimulate the pigment. Excimer light which is 309nm is also available and Excimer laser is meant for Vitiligo colour stimulation. Multiple session treatments are available which can be done without oral and topical medication.

One can opt for the melanocytes transplant surgery only if the Vitiligo is stable at least for 18 months. If instability is there then it’s better to avoid such procedures till the time you attain stability

Life with Vitiligo is sometimes difficult especially for the teens. They feel low and embarrassed and sometimes they lose their confidence also. So they really require mental support and encouragement.
Medical concellors and camouflaging agents are available to temporary hide the spots. These medical concellors are sweat proof and wash proof

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