Saturday, January 10, 2015

When & why one must opt for a Botox filler or facial surgery? Is there any particular age or criteria?

One must opt for filler or Botox at the age of 18, even FDA has approved it. Anyone whose age falls in 18-65 years can go through such procedures, except pregnant women and people with nervous disorders. Botox and filler injections are very safe if done by an experienced doctor.

Botox is not just celebrity thing only but is meant for common men also. Earlier it was celebrity thing but now it is within the reach of middle class and upper middle class. The housewife’s are also going through such procedures to retain their youth and look glamorous. Every month we get approximately 40-50 requests. Everybody wants to go for non-surgical processes as there is no downtime and person can come and go back within half an hour back to his normal work.

Not only because of marriage but also because to ageing a person can go through such processes. Everybody wants to look glamorous even the bride and brides mom, her aunt and even her father can go through such procedures.

Not only the celebrities but also the common person doesn’t want to come up in the open. Everybody wants to maintain their privacy and wants to pretend, this is their natural look.
This hiding game is not only going in India but also across the world. People wish to maintain their privacy. Only very few people come open in media either to gain popularity or they are bold enough or we can say that they have attained maturity and these things hardly affect them.

Side effects associated with non- surgical procedures are minimal and usually resolve in one to a few days. But it is a good idea to be aware of any potential side effects associated with a Botox or a filler treatment you may have. A Botox treatment will give softening in the appearance of your frown line between your brows within 3 days and it takes up to 7 days to see the full   results, as this will ensure you are looking perfect. There are virtually no side effects caused by these procedures.

The results are perfect if done by an expert dermatologist. Time consumed for Botox and fillers is usually 10-15 min. costing depends on the area treated. It ranges from 2500 to 25000.The effect of Botox last for 4 to 6 months and filler lasts from 9 months to one year. It is to be repeated after 6 months for Botox and 1year for filler and cost remains moreover same. The latest trend is of non-surgical facial rejuvenation and non-surgical age management and it is increasing in India for the past 5 years. People are opting for more of non-surgical techniques over surgical procedures as there is no down time and working people and youth always prefer non-surgical procedures

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