Thursday, January 15, 2015

Tattoo Removal without surgery with the help of lasers

Nowadays tattoo removal is done without surgery. It is done with the help of lasers. A laser used depends upon the colour of the tattoo, size of the tattoo and most important thing is depth of the pigmentation. Tattoo removal also depends upon the time patient is having and how urgency is there. 

Most of the tattoos are in black and green colours. The laser used will depend upon the colour of tattoo and number of sessions will be also dependent on it.
Nd YAG q switch laser is very effective laser. It is non ablative lasers which removes the pigment without damaging the surrounding skin. Generally multiple sessions are required at a gap of one month. In one session one can achieve 10 to 20% results and 10 t0 20 sessions are required depending.

Coloured tattoos like red are usually removed with the help of pulse dye laser. Multiple sessions are required in this case also to achieve the desired results.
If a person has urgency and wants to get the tattoo removed in single go can opt for the cutting lasers. Nd YAG cutting lasers and co2 lasers are the one you can opt for. With the help of such lasers one can get the tattoo removal done in one session. It can remove any kind of colour pigment from the epidermis but it heals with a scarring. The healing time will be approximately 1 month to 45 days and then one can resurface it with the help of erbium glass lasers or c02 fractional lasers.
We have the patients who are applying for medicals in army, aviation, navy or any other reasons, they opt for single session programme as it is time saving and removes the pigment completely.

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