Sunday, January 25, 2015

Mistakes we generally make in treating the acne

There are lots of mistakes we generally make while treating our acne. The top most mistakes are lack of knowledge about the products we use. Acne is a very common problem which is commonly faced by both male and females; there is no age limit for this. Before treating our acne we should have knowledge of the acne type we are facing. If it is simple acne vulgaris then it can be treated with the face washes and topical ointment and if you have severe acne then oral medications are to be given to correct it. One should consult an experienced dermatologist or skin specialist before opting for any treatment. If one will do wrong treatments then the acne may worsen up. Few mistakes are:-

·         We generally never follow the acne treatment for a longer period:-

Acne treatment and their maintance depend upon the kind of acne you        have. Normally for simple acne vulgaris the maintance is required till the time our skin is acne free but for severe acne problems the oral medications are given for at least 6 months to 9 months depending upon the severity of the acne. Oral medications are to be prescribed by your dermatologist after analyzing the grading of your acne. So it’s always advised to follow your prescription as prescribed by your skin specialist so that you get your skin acne free.
·         We use so many products at one time

Generally because of the lack of patience to correct the acne we start our self treatments, we start using so many products without knowing their adverse effects on the skin. These products can sometimes cause irritation to the skin or it can make the acne lesion bigger which may heal with a mark or a scar. So it’s better not to indulge in this. Ask your doctor who will help you out with good face washes with are ph balanced and
topical ointment which will correct your acne.

·         We always choose wrong products for acne prone skin:-

Due to the lack of knowledge about the products, we accidently use harsh chemical based face washes and bathing soaps which irritate our skin and worsens the acne. It’s always advised to use the ph balanced cleaners and bars which are skin friendly and they don’t cause irritation. One should always use non comedogenic products which will never clog the pores.

·         We usually pop and Pick our acne:-

Whenever any lesions occurs over our face we starts popping it or picking it and make it inflamed and sometimes the result is scarring. So it’s better not to squeeze your acne.


·         We wait for a long period to consult our dermatologist:-

This is the biggest mistake which we make; we should always seek the advice of an experienced dermatologist so that we can correct the acne on its initial stage before making the condition worse or scarring. So consult a doctor and follow the course as prescribed by him and never leave the course before time so that you can get acne free skin.


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